Sunday, July 13, 2008

Falling in love with all of the new fall CWDKids clothes!

I just took a peek at the new fall line from CWDKids - wow! I'm excited about the adorable clothing for my boy/girl twins and my singleton daughter! I love, love, love, to dress my kids in the latest styles! I'm super excited about the Mis Tee V US clothes that CWDKids is offering - this line is super comfy and wears well, with original designs and exciting colors! My son is super into sports so I'll be buying some of the sport tee's offered by Wes and Willy. My daughter(s) are animal lovers and I know they will go crazy over the CWDKids horse line and all the adorable animal long sleeve t-shirt line. I love to coordinate my kids for holidays and can't wait to see what CWDKids will be selling for Halloween and Christmas! I'll be anxiously awaiting for my fall CWDKids catalog to arrive. And to the design team at CWDKids, keep up the great work! I'm a fairly new customer and I'm so excited that I have discovered your website/catalog!
Twincerely, Amy