Sunday, July 8, 2012

Addicted to Life

It has been weeks since I wrote my last blog.  My only excuse is that I have been living Life!  Each night, there is so much I want to share through my writing and then the dream world decides to engulf me.  
Tonight, I decided to write. 
A few weeks ago, while enjoying the sunshine and having a conversation with one of my best friends, she decided to spill the truth.  Matter of factly, she said..."you are addicted to life."  I could not not refute her observant comment.
Her words spoke the truth so elegantly.  Some would have simply said that I am a crazy fanatic, who dives into way too many opportunities.
Each day, I wake up with a zest for life.  I go out into the world, trying to make it a better place.  Some days it is really difficult to do this.  However, I do my best to put on a smile and exhale a postitive attitude.  When the sun sets, I always take a moment to look into the sky above and be thankful for my blessings.  If I waited until midnight when my head hit the pillow, it would never happen.  I am always fast asleep before I can count to ten, only because, each moment I was awake, I was Living Life. 
Living your Life is more than doing what is supposed to get done.  It is about taking an extra step.  It is about surrounding yourself with opportunities, taking chances, and believing in the possibilty of living an extraordinary life! 
Tonight it happened again.  Just it like it did a week ago.  And four days before that.  And this is my life...believing in extraordinary things happening and watching them unfold.  To be honest, sometimes, I am in disbelief, how someone like me, can be so lucky.
I have won numerous contests, experienced incredible, unique opportunities, and have met fascinating people (some famous, some not but all of them are Rockstars to me)!  The pictures are endless, the memories are priceless, and every moment it happens, I do not understand why but I grab the moment and run with it and cherish every single minute. 
I am not a passive person.  Some may even call me aggressive, a bit shameless.  I decide what I want, then I believe in it happening.  The truth is that I am Addicted to Life and I Love Making Things Happen.  When opportunity knocks, I seize the moment.
I realize Living Life is about more than having extraordinary events happen to you.  You must appeciate the everyday stuff too.  Appreciating such blessings as having nutritional meals to eat, a place to call home, a reliable car, a strong, healthy body that allows you to run, a job that you are passionate about, your parents unconditional love, friends who you can be yourself with, a husband who would do anything for you, and three beautiful kids.  If you forget about these things, then the really lucky stuff goes away too. And suddenly, your life becomes empty.
Never forget that Life is a vast colorful canvas.  Go out there and do something!  Anything!  Believe in Possibility!  The first step in making things happen is using your imagination.  Albert Einstein said "Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life's coming attractions." To live a life of true potential, it is essential to open your mind and allow the opportunity to present itself.  Once this happens, you will be amazed as you watch your life unfold into an endless ocean of rich experiences.
Just like tonight, when I was FRONT ROW with Chris Martin from Coldplay!!  There he was, giving me a high five, in the middle of the audience.  A very kind man, helped me acquire the best seat in the house and I will forever be grateful.  My life stood still as I admired the presence of Chris Martin and the other Coldplay band members as they played right in front of me!!  In an instant, I realized two things.  I had imagined this moment earlier in the evening, even though I had No Idea HOW it would happen.  Then, when I saw the opportunity, I went for it, not really sure WHAT would happen.  Each step closer, and then suddenly, there I was, literally standing right in front of the makeshift stage that Coldplay had set up in the audience!!  I was so close to the stage, that I could reach out and touch Chris Martin and the members of Coldplay!  I stood in awe, soaking up the mesmerizing music and this amazing moment.  It was truly an experience of a lifetime!
Whatever you do today, tomorrow, or the next day, be grateful you are ALIVE and then go out there and LIVE the life you always dreamed of.  The more you give, the more life will reward you, surprising you along the way.  We are only here once to experience Life so why not soak it all in?  Snap, Crackle, Pop!  Explore your imagination, believe in life's coming attractions, and be ready to become Addicted to Life!