Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stay Calm and Carry On

"Stay Calm and Carry On" is one of my favorite life mantra's.  Tonight was one of those evenings were I had to reflect and realize I MUST REMAIN CALM.  I knew what needed to be done and had to diligentaly go about the task, when all I wanted to do was freak out.  It was one of those moments when you dream your worst nightmare and then wake up, only to remember it was reality, the day before.  I know this is what will be happening to me when the sun rises.
This will have to remain a mystery post for awhile.  I cannot disclose the actual event, until, maybe, a year from now, when it is only a distant memory.  It all had to do with a letter I received and enclosed was the kind of news that makes you think there is no way this is happening. 
I immediately had to begin planning my course of action, getting the entire family involved.  Later at 11pm, I joked with everyone, that a family that goes through this together, stays together!  Our evening was dreadful but somehow we all managed to stay positive and not allow this sidetrack event in our lives ruin a moment of happiness.
I am exhausted.  Emotionally spent.  Too tired to move from this computer to go to bed.  Truth be told, I have about a hundred loads of laundry to do and may stay up all night just to finish it.  Too Much To Deal With tonight but that bowl of New York Super Fudge Chunk sure did the right thing!  My husband asked me twice as I was scooping the ice cream into the bowl, "you do know it is 12:30am???"  I knew it would help me stay calm and remain focused so I really didn't care what the heck the clock said. 
I reflect back and I might have got a little upset, somewhat impatient, maybe once, okay, maybe twice?  I certaintly had a lot of questioning going on, wondering out loud sometimes, "why? why? why?"  does it seem like life likes to kick you in the teeth, when you have already received one too many TKO's already?
Stand up again.  Don't whine.  Don't complain.  You must "Stay Calm and Carry On."  I try to be a positive influence on my kids when the tough gets going.  I never want them to feel like they are the victim.  I want to empower them through my example and let them know that they have a choice on how they approach problems that are presented to them.  My philosphy in life is that all of your doors are never shut.  There is a solution if you don't give up.  Researchers say positive people are the "lucky ones" because of this approach in life. 
Tonight I would not have considered myself "lucky" with the situation I was in but I realized things could be much worse and many blessings were spinning around in my mind.  Tonight I knew I needed to write.  It gives me peace and a chance to reflect on what is truly important so I don't fall flat on my face in this race called "life." 
When you wake up, remember to "Stay Calm and Carry On" no matter what is brought your way.  You may surprise yourself what this simple attitude can do when the world seems a little less than cheery.  The dirty little secret is that this attitude is also contagious!  May you have a calm and peaceful day!

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