Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let Freedom Ring

This post is a tad bit belated but I believe we should all celebrate our Freedom everyday and not just one day of the year!

On Independence Day, I pounded out a grueling, hot, sticky seven miler and my thoughts should have been filled with expletives.  Instead, I realized how joyfully happy I was to have this time for myself, to have the freedom to run when I want too, and listen to the music of choice that flows energy through my headphones to my brain.  I was aware of every beautiful thing that surrounded me, the movement of my feet and how strong I felt, the sunshine showering me with Vitamin D, the vibrant colors of nature, and the people I encountered, saying hello. Instead of racing to get home, I savored each step, feeling blessed for my life and more confident in my decision to walk away from something that meant so much but that I knew, wasn't going to make me happy anymore.  In the moment of my joyfulness, I realized that I have opened up a whole new world of opportunity for myself by exercising my Freedom..

In response to my last post, about leaving my fundraising job at the March of Dimes, I received an outpouring of support.  I also received many private messages, applauding my courage to make such a life changing decision.  I have not regretted my decision once since turning down the full time job offer. Although the abyss of the unknown is difficult for many, I actually seek change and push myself to new limits to make sure life does not stagnate.  I think this is the military brat in me, who loved seeking out new opportunities and friendships with each move!  

We can all be a work in progress, as long as, we are not afraid of going deep inside our minds and reflecting on what is not working in our lives and Why? It is important to have an honest conversation with others who are not judgmental and to have a candid dialogue with yourself about the pro's and con's of your specific situation.  Sometimes the right choice is to not walk away but instead, to try and make a change within the problematic system you are encountering.  However, when this has been done without results, take a moment, or hours, or days, to take a dive into some soul searching.  Pain, anguish and a sense of loss will stir deeply inside of you and this is when you must realize how strong you really are.  My Faith has helped me through some very difficult times in recent years and I'm always amazed at how I pull through stronger, when I am faced with adversity, sorrow and grief. 

I know there is always Hope which gives me tomorrow to look forward to and there is always God who takes care of me despite surmontable obstacles.  And there is always Freedom to make those difficult decisions.

There are times in our life when we feel "stuck" in a situation and there is no way out.  There is no way out because we feel trapped and cannot experience the Freedom to explore our options.  You must give yourself permission "to let go" from something that is not working before you make the choice to stay or say good-bye, whether this be true for a job, friendship or even marriage.  
I had to realize this myself and once I allowed the vision of what I was capable of doing and felt the excitement about this career change, it was then, that I could clearly see that I had the Freedom to make a choice.

Don't be afraid to want more from life.  You should never settle.  Push yourself and encourage others around you. Everyday we must Let Freedom Ring in our lives so that we can be the most productive, joyful, happiest soul that we can be.  Joy, Love and Enthusiasm are contagious!  Exercise your Freedom to make mindful decisions that allow you be the best person you can be.  This is in turn, will allow you to share your positive energy and goodness with others!

I am excited to put words into action and have decided to follow through on a dream of mine!  My dream is to combinine my counseling skills, along with my knowledge of fitness, for my own business that focuses on a mind/body holistic approach to helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle.  I have my Master's in Social Work and my expertise is counseling individual's during a significant life change. I've started the next step in achieving my dream by working towards getting my NASM personal training certification.  I may not have my business perfectly in place yet but I already have four people who believe in my vision and have asked me to be their fearless leader to help motivate and coach them on achieving a healthy mind/body balance.  I can't wait to help them with their healthy fitness journey!  I'm waking up each day excited to continue spreading my wings and to soar, so that I can help other's achieve their dreams!

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