Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An Ordinary Mom with an Extraordinary Life

Somehow, inspiration sneaks into my life when I least expect it. The inspiration keeps trickling in but my blogging has gone out the window the last couple of weeks, even though my life has been nothing short than amazing. In fact, I went to a super cool DJ concert as a VIP, watched some amazing soccer games and goals scored by my little guy, attended an inspiring blogger event, held a super awesome, successful fundraiser and raised close to $3,000 to find a cure for Lyme Disease, volunteered at the Runners Marathon of Reston and cheered for some pretty amazing runners who were running in rain turned freezing rain turned snow, signed up for two incredible races for 2014 - a relay race (happening in just a few weeks!) and a 50 Miler ultra, ran the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler and got to meet some of my awesomesauce #SwirlSisters, won a radio contest and attended a private performance by the talented Andy Grammer plus a meet and greet (he is a cutie), tried a new recipe for enchilada's and they were delish (confession, the kids would not agree with this statement), and tonight was filled with all sorts of inspiration...I attended a book signing and talk by the Glennon Melton from Momastery! Life has been GOOD and my heart is FULL!!

SO. MUCH. GOODNESS. That I want to share.

However, my chronic fatigue has kicked in full throttle and each day I have been struggling to do something, anything, to feel productive. Sometimes I feel like my life is on a roller coaster and I'm just holding on for the wild ride. Yes, I admit it. I am Blessed. I am Lucky. My life is full of amazing opportunities and so many incredible, inspiring people. Everyday I am thankful and want to share my life's blessings with others. I wish I had endless energy to stay up all night, writing, and sharing it all with you, but when I do that, I'm a mess for at least two days and my family suffers. I have no idea how I pulled the all nighters at the hospital as a trauma social worker, for all those years.

Consider this as a sneak peek for what blogs are in the making. Right now, they are all in my head. It is just a matter of finding the energy to carefully craft each blog post because each one has something to say. I don't write to just write. I want to share idea's or thoughts so that you may connect or I might inspire. This has been the goal of my blog all along. Please have patience as I rest some more and then the words will spill, one by one. Please let me know what you would like to read first...

Peace, Love and Happy Running ~ Amy
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