Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Content in the OBX

Heavenly is becoming a common word in my vocabulary while vacationing in the OBX. All the things I thought I'd be busy doing, like running or writing or working, just simply wasn't happening as often as I thought. Instead, I slept in until 8:52am...don't ask me why I wake up at this time, every morning, without an alarm. Or why I'm asleep before the midnight hour?? For almost two weeks, I fall asleep without any plans for the next day. I wake up each morning and let the day unfold. It has been liberating. Almost as refreshing, as the sip of your first taste of a summer brew, after soaking up the summer rays.
My fast internet connection has also disappeared which has made it difficult to connect with the outside world. I am thinking that this is necessarily not a bad thing. I am painstakingly writing this post from my cell phone.
I have been forced to disconnect and engage with my family. We are going on almost two weeks of vacay. Sometimes too much of a good thing is...well, two weeks is a long time to be an a house unknown to you and you begin to crave personal space. I found moments to unwind, sneaking into the hot tub, after everyone fell asleep or running at the beach. Precious moments where I was free, to just be, with no expectations.
I have been keeping a journal, recording various thoughts or events that strike me in the most unusual moment. But that's what happens when you are still and in the moment and appreciating your kids laughter, or the sunshine that heals your body from pain, or in awe of an amazing sunset, or the fact you can run on the beach for 8 miles and smile the entire duration. 
I am so thankful and so grateful, for these last two weeks. It is exactly what my heart and soul needed. I am rested and ready to tackle the world again. Who knows what I can accomplish? The world is my oyster! 

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