Monday, October 8, 2012


This might be my best WINNING story yet!  My most recent radio contest win was a few weeks ago for Lady Gaga tickets on MIX 107.3!  Now I have to wait 30 days before I can win again.  I had thought about switching radio stations to see what other exciting contests might be happening on the air...hmmm, but I'm super loyal and I have met most of the DJ's and they are really awesome people!

This morning when I hopped into the car, there was a new radio station blaring music.  My kids or the hubby must have changed my permanent radio station to something new.  Instead of moving the dial back to 107.3, I decided to check it out.  This foreign radio station was Fresh FM.

I was in and out of the car all day and at some point had heard about the radio station giving away tickets for an exclusive concert at the radio station.  I thought that would be a really cool contest to win but quickly let go of the idea when I realized I'd be at my chiropractor appointment at the same time they were giving away the tickets.

On my way to the chiropractor's appointment, I heard the DJ announce again that at 5:25pm the contest would take place.  I had a fleeting thought that I might be able to be back in the car by that time but didn't get my hopes up.

I arrived at my appointment a few minutes late and was brought back to a room to wait for the doctor. While I was waiting, I decided to call the radio station.  I explained that I was at the doctor's and I couldn't hear the radio announcement to call for the contest and asked how I could try to win the tickets. 

                                        The DJ said to call back ON THE DOT at 5:25pm. 

Of course, the doctor walks in the door and says "hello" at 5:23pm!!  I said "hello" back and quickly announced that I was going to try and win concert tickets in two minutes.  I was not going to be this close to WINNING and give up.  He just laughed and shook his head and began my treatment. 

Then it was 5:25pm ON THE DOT and I called the radio station and it was busy...called again, busy...called again, busy...called again, RINGING!  I announced to the doctor the phone to the radio station was ringing and he gave me this look like "really?" and then...

      the DJ picks up the phone and announces I'm CALLER 9 and the.... 
I really don't know who was more surprised - me or the doctor??!!  After I hung up, he said he didn't know anyone who ever calls in to the radio stations for contests, much less WINS THEM!  I think he just might remember me as the only patient who has ever called a radio station for a contest and WON, while he was providing treatment!! 

On October 18th, me and a friend will be heading to Lanham, MD, to see an exclusive concert at the radio station by these guys...

                              The hubby will be out of town so I will need a concert buddy. 

            WHO's IN for a FABULOUSLY FUN DAY???????

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