Thursday, August 29, 2013

The things we do for our kids...

We were driving down the highway, on our way to VA Beach, after a wonderful almost two week vacation in the OBX.  

Then all hell breaks loose when the kids realize that we did not ride the bumper cars, as we head over the bridge.  Of course the fact that we did play putt putt and rode a mechanical shark and drove Go Karts and experienced endless days at the beach has all gone out the window. Is it ever enough?

Then the kids ask about the famous arcade that their father and his brother take them to every year.  This year it didn't happen.  We have had too many sunny days at the beach to drive out of town to visit an arcade.  I wanted to protest and say "What about Jockey's Ridge?" I did not get to experience an amazing sunset at this magical place while at the OBX this year.

Suddenly the car is slowing down and we are pulling into a foreign place.  The kids are getting really excited while I am left pouting in the car, with the dog, windows down, in a parking lot, alongside the highway. The rest of my family has abandoned us for 30 minutes as they go play arcade games.  

Did I mention the smell of gasoline is slowly overtaking the car because for extra funds, the amusement park has put in a gas station in their parking lot?? 

I am not sure why I chose to blog this experience?  I could have played on Facebook or Twitter or read the book I've been trying to finish for the last two months but instead, I'm I sit in the car and stare at this sign.  What a fantastic view!

And I am thinking about being a Mom and how we often get the short end of the stick so our kids can play with the bigger kid in the family.  But it is a careful balancing act to make sure no one gets resentful.  I think this is the key to a mostly happy family - a little give and take.  Training and racing will consume my world soon and I need a hubby and my kids to be understanding.  I realize this, as the ever so slowly 30 minutes ticks away.  

My Dad always says to pick your battles wisely so I decided to let this battle go.
By the way, the dolphins are kinda of cute on that Flipper sign....

❤Oh the things we do for our kids❤ 
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