Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Embrace the Race

I am writing this at my chiro's office while receiving my weekly "maintenance" treatment, ever since embarking on an epic Fall race schedule!  I have a few minutes before the doctor arrives so I thought I'd take advantage of my "free" time and my blogger app!

This month alone might be the highest mileage that I have ever ran in one month.  I would know for sure if I had only kept tabs on my mileage.  But I am a runner who doesn't get caught up in the number's game.  I simply enjoy the experience of lacing up, getting out there and being free.

I want to write race re-caps on the fast and fun Philly Rock-n-Roll Half that I ran in Sept, and for October, the epic DC Ragnar Relay, the amazing Chicago marathon, and most recently, the slow and steady Army Ten Miler!  On Sunday, I will run the Marine Corps Marathon - my 3rd MCM/6th marathon!  And next month will be my finale Fall race - the JFK 50 Miler!  It will be my second one and I will be attempting to shave off 2 hours of my time from last year.   I must do this in order to finish in the allotted time of 12 hours and not get pulled off the race course.  Last year, I finished the JFK 50, my first ultra, with three minutes to spare!

And I am running all these races with crazy obstacles to overcome, such as diagnosis' of pneumonia and chronic Lyme Disease.  I have been on antibiotics for one month and just began another month of antibiotic treatment. I don't like to discuss the next steps for chronic Lyme Disease treatment which involves IV antibiotics for one month and no running. 

However, I remain hopeful that my current treatment is working despite the fatigue I feel after each race. I embrace my rest days to recover.  After crossing each finish line, I am feeling stronger and believe that I am making a "comeback" in my race times.  I haven't had a PR yet but my times are much better than last Fall/this past Spring, when I suffered from extreme, debilitating pain in my left foot, most likely caused by the chronic Lyme. 

My goal with each race is not a PR (personal record) because then I wouldn't be able to run naked!  In the running world that means not running with a GPS watch!  My goal is to embrace the race and cherish all the goodness that each race brings!  For me, it is important to finish strong or "Swirl Strong," a tagline that me and my Swirl Sister's - my fellow Swirlgear Brand Ambassador's - like to use, when we celebrate our athletic accomplishments!

With my two most challenging races approaching quickly, I would appreciate any good vibes and cyber cheers you can send my way!  They are greatly appreciated! 

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