Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cavalia’s Odysseo: Riding into a world of beauty and nature!

The latest buzz in Washington, DC, besides the furlough, is the arrival of Cavalia’s Odysseo!  I recently had the opportunity to get an inside sneak peak at the latest Big White Top to arrive at National Harbor in MD. 

Cavalia’s Odysseo is the largest touring show in the world featuring a show of beauty, 64 horses and 49 artists that takes the audience into a “world of dreams” according to the artistic director, Normand Latourelle.  This show is a journey of how people and animals can live together in peace.  The horses are an integral part of the show and are symbolic as they are portrayed as “the speakers of nature,” and provide the inspiration behind this magical show created by Normand Latourelle.  It promises to be a wild ride combining the talents of horses and acrobats. 



Cavalia Odysseo Artistic Director, Normand Latourelle, and me, with the Big White Top as our background


Cavalia’s Odysseo dazzles audiences with its array of beauty that transcends into your soul and allows one to escape the difficult times of the modern world.  The experience will leave a lingering impression with the hope that one will continue to search for beauty and peace, when interacting with nature and animals.


Upon arriving at National Harbor, you will immediately see the 125 feet tall Big White Top canvasing the landscape.  Inside, you will find a masterpiece stage that has been carefully crafted together to create the largest touring stage in the world, 17,500 square feet, larger than two football fields.  The impressive backdrop is comprised of three high definition IMAX screens.  A magnificent carousal with porcelain horses is centered in the middle of the stage.
A special feature with this show is the finale with 80,000 gallons of water being released on the stage for the horses to enjoy!  If you are sitting in the first couple of rows, near the stage, you might have the possibility of being splashed with water! 

Below is a photo of where the stage will be and the water will magically appear, in front of the audience, to create a spectacular grand finale!

Cavalia’s Odysseo is a family friendly show.  Kids of all ages will find it magical, as the four legged stars gallop onto the stage and talented acrobats, from all over the world, will entice the imagination.  Cavalia’s Odysseo will premiere under the Big White Top at National Harbor, MD, on Wednesday, October 9th through November 3rd.  Tickets for Cavalia’s Odysseo are now on sale online or by calling 1-866-999-8111.  As a result of the Federal Government shutdown, all tickets (except VIP) are half price through Tuesday, October 8th.  Hurry and buy your tickets today before this awe inspiring show gallops away!




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