Sunday, January 5, 2014

Courage, Dreams and Pixie Dust

It is the eve before the alarm clocks awake the house at sunrise and the kids will hit the snooze button, over and over again. Meanwhile, the parents will shuffle downstairs to make their morning java and guzzle it down, while scrambling to make their kids lunches. Fueled by caffeine, the parents will become boot camp instructors and shout "Hurry Up" on to deaf ears.

In less than 8 hours, the kids will be back in school after a two week, looong break. The below freezing temps have made us hibernate and we are all beginning to lose our sanity. After noticing that we let two full days pass without getting out of our PJ's, the kids declared that "PJ's Rule" and if you aren't leaving the house, then why bother to change? Smart kids, my hubby and I have raised.

But as much as I have enjoyed my lazy days of waking up at a time when it didn't make sense to eat breakfast because it was so close to noon and wearing my favorite purple polka dot fleece PJ's, that should come with a warning label that if you wear them, you will not got anything done, I'm ready to get moving again!

I am sluggish, eating crap food, drank too many glasses of vino, and I'm in pain. The pain part is what scares me. I have fallen off the exercise wagon and I feel like I am dying. I am not exaggerating. When I wake up, I think I need to go the doctor's to get blood work to make sure the "C" word has not snuck inside my body but then I remember that I don't have "C" because I have "LD." And if you are brand new to my blog or being introduced to my world, "LD" does not stand for Learning Disability. I have chronic Lyme Disease.

I chose not to get the IV antibiotic treatment so I could exercise and continue running at least 3x a week. In the last couple of weeks, I've been lucky if I pushed myself out the door, while wearing my running shoes and not my fuzzy socks. And sometimes I surprise myself and actually get out there and run the distance when I expected I would fall to the ground after Mile 3.

After finishing the JFK 50 Miler in November, I felt incredible (and yes, I promise to write that race recap and the one from 2012 too)! So what did I do, I went and signed up to run a marathon for charity, No Kid Hungry through Dream Come True Vacations. I'm also running a 5K, a 10K and a Half marathon prior to the Marathon, in four consecutive days. I'm running the inaugural Dopey Challenge at the most magical place on Earth, Walt Disney World!

Here is my fundraising page if you would like to donate:

Thank you for your support and for helping kids receive a healthy meal!

I am leaving on Wednesday and have a million things to do, like pack my suitcase, which is the one thing I absolutely hate doing because of all the decisions you have to make like deciding which FOUR race outfits I'm going to pack!! I confess to ordering four new running "costume" skirts that are being shipped to the hotel but do I wear tank tops? Arm sleeves? Short sleeves? My Swirlgear?

I'm going to need positive vibes and prayers sent my way. I'm going to have to be Fierce, Determined and Courageous to run 48.6 miles in 4 days. I will have a fabulously fun time but I need to start believing in myself that I can do this!!

I hate the fact that I have chronic "LD." And that I will struggle for the rest of my life to accomplish "the impossible." I am not giving up. I have hit a road block in my training but I will persevere. I always have and will continue to do so. However, I'm secretly hoping to run into Tinkerbell so that she can sprinkle some magic pixie dust on me!
"All of our Dreams can come true
if we have the courage to pursue them."
~ Walt Disney quote

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