Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve random thoughts

Here it is, after the midnight hour and I am writing a post about my random thoughts on New Year's Eve...when there are so many other things I could be writing about (or I could be sleeping)! My 2013 was simply amazing, a wondrous journey because of these simple concepts I've applied to my life.  I want to continue this incredible journey into 2014 and wish the same for you!

1. Appreciate. You just never know what tomorrow will bring so relish the moment you are in. 

2. Goodness. It is always better to sprinkle goodness into the world than to extinguish it. 

3. Gracious. Saying please and thank you and trying to put yourself in someone else's shoes goes a LOOONG way.

4. Blessings. Always remember there is someone else who is wishing for the blessings you have. Many people go through life not realizing how blessed their lives truly are.

5. Second chances. You always have the ability to change the outcome of a situation. You are powerful. The change comes from within.

6. Mindful. You are not the only one living in this Universe. Your actions and words affect other human beings, living things and the Universe. Step outside your bubble and realize the powerful impact you have and turn it into positive energy

7. Exercise. Your mind and your body. You have to keep moving or you will stagnate. The minute you slow down is when you will begin to feel old. I'm almost 44 years young and feel like I'm in my 20's. I don't plan on slowing down as long as I can keep moving and learning.

8. Acceptance. As soon as you decide not to judge others, you will not judge yourself. Your world will become kinder. Everyone of us has wonderful traits to celebrate, as well as, things we would like to change. But focus on how you are unique and what gifts you can share with others.

9. Friendships. Embrace this special gift in life, from the friend next door, to your best friend since you were 4 years old...Keep In Touch. Make time to talk. Go out of your way to visit. No Excuses. 

10. Family. This one has been on my mind all day! My birth mother called me this morning to wish me a "Happy New Year's!" Family may come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes may not make sense but you must embrace all of it. This is your past, your present and your future. As an adoptee, who loves my adoptive family, as well as, my birth mother and half sister's, I'm still trying to make sense of my place in the Universe. Sometimes it can get complicated but what I do know, is that Love Wins and there is always enough love for every family member in your life!

                   Happy 2014!!!

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