Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Meeting Ryan Seacrest for the 2nd time!

I'm visiting my favorite playground right now!  I'm in the place where dreams are made!  I'm in NYC!

I brought my kids here earlier in the year and we were in the guest audience for the TODAY Show with the March of Dimes!  We got pulled from the audience and went on the actual set with the TODAY Show correspondents!  I got to meet Al Roker, Matt Lauer, and Ryan Seacrest!  It was amazing!  Ryan was super awesome and snapped a photo with me!

I arrived in NYC yesterday, one day earlier than my husband.  We had made plans to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary in the city that never sleeps!  This was mostly because I had won a silent auction with VIP tickets to the Jimmy Fallon show. I had scheduled our guest audience appearance for 9/11.  Our anniversary is 9/13!  I know Friday the 13th - ACK!  But it's all good!

On Monday I found out that I had secured tickets to Ryan Seacrest's new show, The Million Seconds Quiz for Tuesday, 9/10. It is a live show that premiered on Monday, 9/9.  We were supposed to leave Wednesday and I knew my hubby couldn't leave earlier!  What is a girl to do?  I needed to make it happen! My younger sister lives in NYC and thought she might want to join me on this epic adventure! She was plan free for that evening so we made it happen!

I rode the Vamoose bus to NYC early on Tuesday morning.  After arriving in NYC, I spent my afternoon window shopping and took in some sight seeing. This was my favorite find.  A blogger bag from Lacoste!

I met up with my sis at her office, changed into my $29.99 Target Mossimo bargain find, an undeniably cute dress! And then we headed to the set on the West side.  Here we are waiting in line!

I had no expectations, other than to have fun!  But it was Ryan's show and his energy is incredible so I knew he wouldn't disappoint.  

We had read there was a standing room and a sitting area.  We thought we wanted to sit. But when you finally arrive at the set, with the NYC skyline as the backdrop, you quickly realize that you want to be in the mosh pit! 

They were two mosh pits, one that was closer to the stage.  That one was filled so I secured two front row, middle, spots in the second mosh pit.  Absolutely perfect seats. But at the time, I didn't realize HOW AWESOME these seats were!

We had to turn off our cell phones and the comedian guy warmed up the audience.  Then he announced Ryan would be in the first mosh pit for the beginning of the show and in the second mosh pit for 2nd opening of the show!  His marked spot in the mosh pit was very close to me!  I was so excited!!!  The comedian guy said we had a 5 minute cell phone reprieve to text all our friends and tell them we were going to be on live TV with Ryan for the Million Seconds Quiz show!  I've never texted so fast!

Well then, right before the show started, this producer lady announced that Ryan would not be going into the first mosh pit but staying on the stairs.  Then she came over to the second mosh pit and mulled, eyeing the scene, ignoring the marked spot on the floor, and picked the spot right next to me for Ryan to stand!!!!  I couldn't believe it!  

And then the show started and it was so much fun!  You can tell how appreciative Ryan is of his fans! He has worked hard for his fame and fortune and is just a super nice guy!

So then it is time for the 2nd opening act and ACK!  There he is, standing right next to me!  He says hi and makes small talk!  I wanted to ask if he remembered meeting me from the Today Show (ya, right, he meets thousands of people)! And then the show begins and there we are live on TV!!!

I am the blonde wearing the black and white dress (ya know, the Target bargain dress, if I'd only known I was going to be on National TV standing next to Ryan Seacrest)! My sister is standing next to me, peeking at Ryan and the camera. The joke between us is that her nose is famous!

It happened so quickly but it was an EPIC moment!  I woke up today pinching myself!!  I still can't believe I got to meet Ryan for the second time this year!  I am very, very thankful!

After the show, people were taking photo's and I was able to snap this one with Ryan in the distance!

Today my hubby arrives in NYC and we are going to the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show and will be VIP guests in the audience!  Look for us tonight (9/11) on TV!  

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