Monday, September 23, 2013

Michael Buble' and Naturally 7 concert at Verizon Center

This year has been incredible with meeting talented musicians! Last night continued my trend with meeting the band!  Each up close and personal experience is always amazing and last night was no exception!

My friend and I attended the Michael Buble' concert last night at the Verizon Center.  Our seats were in the first section but not close to the main stage. Before last night, I was not an especially huge fan of Michael Buble'.  I know he is a talented singer/songwriter but last night he really blew me away with his absolutely incredible voice, talented band and orchestra, and special effects.  And who knew what a funny guy he is! He was incredibly gracious with his fans, participating in taking selfies with swooning women and giving out free hugs!

At one point, he walked out into the sea of fans on the floor to transfer to an isolated stage closer to where we were sitting!  Members of his band joined him and the energy came alive in our section, as it was our turn to get a close up view of Michael perform!  He definitely knows how to "WoW" an audience! 
                                                 Here is a video of his performance:

I have to say the real surprise of the evening was the opening band, Naturally 7.  It is always hit or miss with the opening act and last night, the audience received a sneak peak from an extremely talented acapella group, Naturally 7.  Their version of Cold Play's "Fix Me" gave me goosebumps!  I posted on Facebook for all my friends to check these guys out and left a link. They are worthy of your attention!  After their performance they announced they would be signing CD's after the show.  My friend joked around and said "You're going, right?" And I quickly responded "Of course I am!"

So after the show, I maneuvered my way to section 115.  I didn't have cash so I had to stand in a long line to buy Naturally 7's CD with my credit card.  It took forever because only one credit card machine was working.  With my CD in hand, I made my way to the back of the line, excited that I didn't miss my chance to meet these guys!

When I went through the line, I was impressed with the graciousness that each band member extended.  All I kept thinking is how exhausted they must have been! After I collected signatures and made small talk, I mentioned to the tour manager I was a blogger and would love a picture.  He told me to stick around until they were done signing the CD's.

After the last CD was signed, they all got up from the table and came out to greet their friends and family.  They were so humble!  They asked if I could attend their gig tonight (Monday, 9/23) in DC at The Black Cat but unfortunately I had other plans for the evening!  If you are in the VA/DC/MD area and want to start your week off right, head on over to their show tonight at 8pm!  Here is the link for more show info!  Black Cat: Show Info

Make sure you buy their CD and be on the look-out for the new CD that will be released in February 2014!  I am a new fan of Naturally 7! This band is all about AWESOMENESS! 

     Naturally 7 and Me!  What a Fabulously Fun Night!

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