Monday, September 8, 2014

Ten Random Thoughts before finding my pillow...

1. My 11 year old daughter still calls me "Mommy" (and my heart melts every time).

2. The same daughter told me today that she has never heard me curse. I'm not a saint and I'm not sure how I managed to pull this off??

3. Tonight, my 8 year old daughter hugged me spontaneously and said "Thank you for making dinner" instead of asking me for an animal jam gift card which has been the topic of conversation for the last 48 hrs.

4. My 11 year old son still lets me hug him every night. I know my days are numbered on this one.

Summer days in the OBX

5. I have to peek in my kids bedroom and see them sleeping EVERY night before I go to bed. This is what happens when you have three preemie babies and work in the NICU/PICU/emergency department for 11 years. As a new Mom, I was terrified they would stop breathing and now it has become a ritual. What will I do when they go to college?

6. Life is incredibly hard. The trick to enjoying it is to let go of your past because you cannot change it, relish the moment your in, no matter how ordinary it is, and remember there is a tomorrow, to start all over again.

My beach babies = Pure Joy

7. Wouldn't it simply be incredible if we were all truth tellers for one day? The rules would be: no judging allowed, count to ten before interrupting and practice listening. I believe we all have something to learn from each other. It would be a wondrous day of love and acceptance.

Family Photo with King Neptune, Rock-n-Roll VA Beach Half

8. Conversations should consist of idea's, dreams, accomplishments, hardships, or obstacles that you have overcome (or currently enduring). Gossiping about others never inspired anyone.

9. Volunteer, organize a fundraiser, donate to charity, and make sure others know your passion. Passion is contagious and is what changes the world.

10. Always tell someone that you respect them, admire them, appreciate them, love them...that chance may never come again.

Me and my Love

~ Sweet Dreams ~

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