Monday, August 3, 2015

Packing and Praying

All day has been about laundry, packing & last minute errands. All I wanted to do was go to to sleep once 9pm arrived. No such luck. I finally got to the last item on the packing list. The littlests' water shoes. Although, she isn't little anymore! I bought her a size women's 6.5 running shoe today...and she is 9 years old!!! I'm still trying to comprehend this. 

So I dove into the pile of shopping bags that I desperately need to go through and find a place for all the stuff I had to have. I searched and searched and searched, determined a pair of blue water shoes would appear before me. I was coming up empty handed. I recall a similar scenerio last year, at about the same time at 11:24pm (after Target was closed), the night before the kids were supposed to leave on their big trip to Minnesota, to visit my amazing parents!

A moment of panick set in. Yes, I have moments in my life when it's not all cool and breezy! I immediately went into problem solve mode and said a prayer that it would somehow work it. And I believed that someway it would.

Plan A: Maybe the 24 hour CVS has a pair? I decided to call first before driving to CVS in my pajama's. The guy with the accent on the other end of the line, promptly said "no we don't carry those." And I wanted to argue, "Yes, you do! I have  seen them at your store (and wondered who buys them)??" But I was too tired to argue and said "thank you" instead, feeling certain he misunderstood my request. 

Plan B - Arrive at Target at EXACTLY at 8am when the doors open. Run in and run out and drive home and grab kids and drive to my parents house to pick up my Dad, who is ALWAYS on time. I had to laugh out loud after thinking this! First, there is no way I'm getting anywhere, right when the doors open that early in the morning. Second, I have never ran in and ran out of Target. This plan only ensured my kids and my Dad missing their flight.

Hmmm....Plan C: Post on Facebook in every Mom group I'm a part of and request size 6 water shoes (they always run large) and pick them up in the morning. Someone has to have an unused pair taking up space. 

However, before I had the chance to post, I had this unusual calling to go to my closet and look at my water shoes. Okay, whatever, but the littlest can't wear mine because I'm a size 8. I went to the closet anyway.

I looked up and on the top shelf of the closet, there was a pair of pink water shoes, brand new, without tags. I looked at the size, still thinking they were mine. WHATTT??? This is the truth. THEY WERE A SIZE KID 6!!!! 

Coincidence or not? For the record, the water shoes I thought I had bought were blue (my daughter's fav color)! I'll never know how those pink, perfectly sized, kids water shoes ended up in my closet! Sometimes we have to allow our minds to be quiet, in order to be guided in the right direction!

I guess I should find my pillow since its after the midnight hour and I've organized a group run at 6am!! I'm praying for a miracle that I wake up on time to join them! 

            Peace, Love and Running,
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