Friday, June 21, 2013


Have you ever had to walk away from something you loved?  This is what I just did.  My decision has been made.  I chose my family and my freedom instead.

This was an agonizing decision.  One that I am glad is complete.  I have finished this chapter in my life.  Now I can FOCUS and move FORWARD.

An hour before my decision was stated, I was asked to be a grief counselor on Monday to help the youth in our community process an unbelievable tragedy.  There is a new journey for me that is beginning RIGHT NOW at this VERY MOMENT.  When one door closes, a new one opens.

                             I am going to find that place again - the place where I belong. 
                                      The place where I  can fly and soar to new heights!

I know my strengths and the idea's are swirling in my mind on what to do next.  If you have idea's for me, please share!  The important thing is that I close this door, walk away with pride, knowing what I've accomplished and put my best foot forward (which would be the one that is tendonitis free).  I must continue to push myself, to make myself better, to turn the impossible into I AM POSSIBLE.

Let the weekend begin!  It is time to celebrate!  I am free to discover new possibilities!

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