Monday, June 3, 2013

Craving CReaTiViTy

It's officially past the midnight hour.  My absolutely favorite time of the day.  I love how the house is quiet and I can actually think.  I am constantly in motion and relish when I have a chance to be still.  Although, this is when it happens - the moments of awakening, of realizations, of fears surfacing, of remembering all the things that I did not follow through.
My energy appears in leaps in bounds and I run with it.  I know how to organize.  And socialize (something I'm quite good at since the 4th grade, according to my mom).  And I can run really long distances without thinking twice.  I can organize PTA luncheons.  And raise thousands of dollars for charity.  And shop for hours and pick out captivating outfits. But why is it so difficult to follow through when it comes to my writing projects?
I have suffered writer's block the whole month of May.  My column at has been neglected.  I'm not even sure if my password will work anymore.  Without sounding cliché,' I have been "stuck" for awhile even though I've written a novel in my mind. 
Running stirs everything up and the actual writing part is the final touch to spilling my thoughts to the universe.  Often I wonder what is the point of blogging??  Who is reading my blog? And why do they continue? 

My blog is not about building my ego or self esteem, it is about learning from my mistakes, challenging myself, evolving into a better person, to make the world a better place. 

It is raw emotions that leap out of me when the house is still, after the clock has stuck midnight.  A safe haven, just like my dairy that I wrote in every single day, starting at age 12 until I went off to college.  It was during my teenage years, that I discovered my passion for writing.  What an awesome gift!  But then I became an adult and time and energy and responsibilities sucked all that passion away.  Recently, I have experienced extraordinary life events that have shaped my outlook on life and have given me the passion to write again. 
I have taken on a personal challenge to write with passion, with focus, with determination, for the month of June.  Weekends will be my time to walk away from the computer but during the week, I will carve out the time to do this, to be true to myself.  I need to get my feet back on the ground, get my head out of the clouds and follow through on many writing projects, not just my blog.  It is has been a challenging 2013 to say the least but I am taking it day by day.  Writing gives me hope, and strength, and courage, to keep pushing myself and not to stagnate.  Today is a new day.  And with every new day, arrives new energy.  I will do my best to accomplish as much as possible. 
Thank you Tiny Steps Mommy for inviting me to join you on this 15 day blog challenge!

                                    Let the creativity flow! 

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