Monday, June 10, 2013

Short and Sweet...Life for me is about Saving the Babies

It's the midnight hour and I'm very, very sleepy. I am lying here with my head on my pillow and writing from the newly discovered blogger app that I installed on my phone. I wanted to write more tonight...there is so much that I am thankful for! However, this blog post will be short and sweet because I need my rest. I can't really remember a day, with a blank canvas, since the school year started. There always seems to be so much to do! The March of Dimes fundraiser that I worked so hard on, was yesterday and I am continuously in awe of how the Universe gives back to those who pay it forward.
My plan was to write about the do good things Sunday event at Stone's Cove but I've been going nonstop since Friday and my brain is in a fog and my eyelids are heavy. Those words will be written tomorrow. One day at a time, I will get all of these half written blog posts out of my head and completed, by writing them here.
There's one thing I must say,that has been on my heart and my mind ever since yesterday, and the day of the March for Babies walk, and the day of my March for Babies family team fundraiser at Dogfish Head Alehouse, and a thousand times before, ever since my first March for Babies walk in May of 2001. It Is this overwhelming feeling of gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation of the GOOD in the world. I am one of the "lucky ones" because the March of Dimes gave me a reason to look forward and want to give back instead of hating the world for taking my babies away. I constantly strive to be a vehicle of goodness, hope, inspiration, and to give back to others. For this, in itself, is an amazing feat and I want to say THANK YOU to every single person who has supported me on my journey as a March of Dimes Mission Mom! My hope is that one day, no Mother or Father, will have to endure saying goodbye to their child that was born too early.
Please visit this link to read more about my journey as a March of Dimes Mission Mom or to donate to the March of Dimes, in support of our family team:

Thank You for helping to Save the Babies! ❤

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